The Great Fear is an alternative rock project, spearheaded by MJ Beovides, formerly known as Hitchens to folks in the South Florida music scene.  Now based in DC, The Great Fear has launched and will be releasing lots of new original tracks beginning March 2016.  Folks who enjoy Franz Ferdinand, Foals, The Flaming Lips, 90's rock, British classic rock, and glam rock will enjoy The Great Fear.

MJ and rotating members of The Great Fear have spent most of their music career playing across South Florida venues including:  The legendary Churchill's Pub, PAX, Transit Lounge, Gramps, The Wynwood Art Walk, Will Call, and many others.  They have built a steadily increasing following of over 2,000 fans and are looking to keep welcoming fans with all the new music and video releases in 2016 and beyond.  Some really cool things that have happened in their music careers include playing live on Fusion TV, headlining Animalia Music Fest & the 420 Festival, opening for Nashville based artist Bree, and being nominated for Best Rock Band during the 2016 Annual Oski Awards. 

The inception of The Great Fear promises to bring a slew of new music in 2016!  Get access to all of our new music by following us, checking back periodically and most importantly...engage with us!  We'd love hear from you and share ideas and thoughts with you.  

For information, bookings or just to say 'hello' email us at